The EY Label endeavours to engage with and support local businesses, use dead stock fabric and hardware sourced from local rag traders to minimise textile waste. We produce limited runs with our production partners and where possible offer a made-to-order option upon request. We are mindful of the footprint we have on the environment and try to have a positive impact on the community through our supply chains and choices.

As we enter a new stage in our business journey we are looking to implement further strategies to improve our environmental impact across our supply chains. 


We recognise that fashion is evolving and that beautiful pieces of clothing aren’t enough, that's why we endeavour to support local businesses by regularly engaging with Mebourne's community of skilled artists and makers.

I see my garments as stories of their own creation. It takes a community to construct a garment, and I have developed connections with local printers, spinners, textile designers and manufacturers so that these creations can exist. It is important to develop meaningful relationships with other makers to support you when you rely on many elements working together.” – Erik Yvon.

We have been lucky enough to work with a range of people with every collection and endeavour to pay homage to them with every drop.